Mid-Florida Milers Year Round Events

A Year-Round Event is a self-guided, permanent, walking event available most days of the year. The Mid-Florida Milers and other clubs set up permanent, starting points, select a trail, draw maps, and write detailed walking instructions. You arrive during the business' open hours, register, provide a payment, take instructions with a map, and enjoy the route at your pace. Our events in Florida, like those nationwide may include city routes, residential streets, trails, tourist attractions, and good daily exercise routes in our local Orlando communities, Southeast Florida, and The Villages.

Starting points
The starting points are businesses or other facilities. At the start point is a file box (Walk Box) marked with the AVA and Mid-Florida Milers logos. You may have to ask the staff to point it out or help you. The proprietors are not club members, so please be patient with these people who are volunteering to help the club. There are walks registered online providing a quick method to obtain walk instructions. See Online Registration below.

Two methods exist to sign up for a walk in the Orlando area. Some walks have both a Physical Start Box (PSB) and an Online Start Box (OSB) start capability, others have only one or the other. The Southeast Florida events are Online Starts only. In the Orlando area, you may go to the location noted for those with a Physical Start Box (or where there is both PSB/OSB). The web site and link to the information on the AVA national web site tells you the options available for each specific event. IVV Event and Distance Credit (a stamp) are available for each separate day. You must register and pay the $3.00 fee each different day you participate. You may walk the route twice for Distance Credit on one start card for one fee on the same day, (e.g. walk 20 km at a 10km YRE walk).

For Physical Start Box locations - Walks are registered and paid locally

In Orlando and The Villages there are 5 PSB-only events and 3 PSB/OSB Events. Inside the Walk Box is a registration log. Walks are $3 for all adult walkers and minors >12 (minors under 13 are free if not Credit walkers); every person MUST sign the registration sheet (parents sign for minors). Complete and sign a Registration Sheet, place the sheet and the fee in an envelope, and mail or leave in the "completed envelope" folder (do not mail cash). If you walk for IVV Credit, stamp your record books. IVV Event and Distance Record Books are not available at any YRE Walk Box. Insert cards are provided and can be stamped and submitted with Record Books. Take the walk instructions and walk in daytime hours only at your own pace, enjoying the local area for as long as you desire. The event is 'open' when the business is open regardless of the weather.

For Online Start Box locations - Walks are registered and paid online
Walks are $3 for all adult walkers and minors who are Credit walkers and $2 for all others. To obtain and download instructions you must register through the AVA, our national office. Please see our Online Registration Procedure page for the process. There are over 150 online events that provide both flexibility and safety. They are flexible because you can start at your time and location; safety because the route was carefully chosen, no funds are left or mailed and inset cards do not get lost and are printed when you get home (up to 8 walks/cards per printed page that can be sized and cut to add to your book).

ORLANDO and SOUTHEAST FLORIDA WALK EVENTS, Online Registration Information

In Orlando there are 4 OSB only events and 3 PSB/OSB events.

In Southeast Florida
there are 5 OSB walking adventures from which to choose, all different and unique. From North to South along I-95 and US 1: West Palm Beach, Delray Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami South Beach and Key West. Registration is required at AVA national web site to receive walk instructions, maps, and driving directions to the walk start points. Find out the details about the five Southeast Florida Walks. To walk an OSB walk you must register at AVA. Log in after creating an individual account for each participant. With an account the site allows you to search for walks and information. This is required by the Online Start Box for both the legal waivers and insert cards. Use the Help menu as you move thru the process. You pay $2 by credit card and have access to the walk instructions/directions immediately. When you later go to Finish tab, you pay $1 for the printable stamped insert card. Four of the walks have easy access from I-95; see walks for I-95 exits. You do not need to be a member of a walking club, just a desire to be active and walk in new locations. We hope that this site will inspire you to get out and join the thousands who have decided to improve their lifestyle options. There are walks available in many States. We welcome anyone to create an account on the AVA Online Start Box web site. Start directions and route instructions are online and downloaded to your smartphone, tablet, or PC.

If you have questions on any of these procedures, please contact Mike at 407.304.6394.

The American Volkssport Association or its subsidiary clubs are not responsible for theft or loss of personal belongings or property.

Year Round Events