GENERAL DESCRIPTION: Five Walks of 5/6 km & 10/11 km are in Southeast Florida. All walks are registered online and are $3 for IVV/AVA credit $2 for no credit. Parking fees apply in West Palm, Ft. Lauderdale, Key West, and Miami South Beach if driving. Wheelchairs and strollers are acceptable. Pets are allowed if leashed but there are beach restrictions that apply in each county. Please carry water. Walk during daylight hours. Trail Rating is 1A . See the event pictures below. Contact: Mike Lanpher; Phone: 407.304.6394; Email:

All events are Credit Only.

DIRECTIONS: The directions to each start point in the cities are provided with the walk instructions. West Palm is off I-95 exit 70, Delray Beach is off exit 51, Ft Lauderdale is off Exit 26, and Miami South Beach is off Exit 4, and Key West is at the southern tip of the Keys on US 1.

AVA SPECIAL PROGRAMS: MFM events qualifying for Special Programs including the Walk the USA Street by Street program are in MFM SE Florida Special Programs .

West Palm Beach (This walk is supported by a donation of Dan and Nancy Barnett, Merritt Island, Florida): Trail passes the 120-year-old St. Anne church, Norton Museum, the Opera House, the Theater at CityPlace, Palm Beach Atlantic University and strolls along Lake Worth and its marina. Parking fees are required. (Masks recommended per CDC)

Delray Beach (This walk is supported by a donation of Dan and Nancy Barnett, Merritt Island, Florida): In Palm Beach County is one of the prettiest cities in the county. Start on Atlantic Ave., an interesting main street with many shops and restaurants. The walk goes through residential areas near and along the Intracoastal Waterway. It passes the beach along Atlantic Ocean and returns thru residential areas. Restrooms at the start. (Masks recommended)

Ft. Lauderdale is the largest city in Broward County and is the county seat. It is called the "Venice of America" because of the many canals and waterways through the city. The walk starts on the beautiful Riverwalk along the New River and goes on lively Las Olas Street. The start is a couple miles from the Cruise terminal. The walk passes a large number of the many boats moored in the area, is close to a unique museum, has many restaurants, and is shaded early AM and late afternoon. Restrooms at the start. Parking fees are required. (FT Lauderdale requires masks, with $ penalties)

Miami South Beach (This walk is supported by a donation of Cathy Metherell, Orlando, Florida) in Dade County is one of the most famous places in the world. There are hundreds of Art Deco style hotels and buildings. The walk passes many of them along Ocean Ave. and the beach by the Atlantic Ocean. Lincoln Mall Road is a pedestrian street with many shops and restaurants--a great place to walk. Enjoy the walk past the Marina and into beautiful South Pointe Park. The walk also goes past the Miami Beach Fillmore, the theater where Jackie Gleason did shows years ago. The Art Deco designs, history of the area, vibrant restaurants, Lincoln Road Mall shopping, and the spectacular beach are seen on the walk. There is more with Holocaust museums and Botanical Gardens, and just watching people on Ocean Ave. Restrooms within 1k of the start. Parking fees are required. (Miami S. Bch Significant enforcement of masks and distancing; except strenuous exercise.)

Key West (This walk is supported by a donation of Sharon Predham, Leesburg, Florida) at the end of the spectacular drive across the Florida Keys is a storied and eclectic city. Nightly Mallory Square fun, great sunsets, Hemmingway house, the Truman "White House Annex" and the many interesting businesses and homes. Restrooms at the start. Parking fees are required. (Masks required in and outside if not distancing)

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