In Southeast Florida there are five walking adventures from which to choose, all different and unique. From North to South along I-95 and US 1: West Palm Beach, Delray Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami South Beach and Key West . Registration is required and it is accomplished online to receive walk instructions, maps, and driving directions to the walk start points Find out the details about the five Southeast Florida Walks.

To walk a remote walk (one where there is no permanent Walk Box) you must register at AVA. The same site allows you to search for walks and information. Start directions and route instructions are online and downloaded to your PC, tablet or phone. IMPORTANT: You should create an individual account, not a joint account with a spouse. This is required by the online start box for both the waivers and insert cards. Use the Help menu as you move thru the process. You pay $2 by credit card and have access to the walk instructions/directions immediately. When you later enter, completed, you pay $1 for the printable stamped insert card. Four of the walks have easy access from I-95, see walks for I-95 exits. We welcome anyone to create an account on the AVA Online "Walk Box" web site. Our club has created a presentation on a Tour of Online Start Box (OSB). You do not need to be a member of a walking club, just a desire to be active and walk in new locations. We hope that this site will inspire you to get out and join the thousands who have decided to improve their lifestyle options. There are 50+ walks available. We welcome anyone to create an account on the AVA Online "Walk Box" web site.

If you are having problems. Please contact Mike at 407.304.6394.