Mid-Florida Milers Pictures

December 6 - Christmas Party at Kahuna Grill

Don and Santa are in the spirit for the season

Carl and friend (on tie) - note the red shirt on Snoopy

Dave, Jackie, Rena

Ginny provides raffle ticket to Past President Bob Nicholson and wife Barbara

Marvin speaking to guests

Mistress of Ceremonies Rosemary speaks

President Gail awards to Rosemary the 2008 Volkssporter of the Year award

Peter and Sharon awarded MFM anoraks for 19/20 Walks. Jackets were also awarded to Kevin (15), Carl (17), Jackie (17), Dave (18), John and Darlene (16) and Lois (16). Annette and Lillian (19) and Roger (20) were not present to receive theirs

Anna, Gary. Joyce, and Don receive College Campus PhD certificates from Marvin and Gail

Mid Florida Milers members awarded College Campus PhDs certificates at a 6 December Ceremony. Pictured are Gary and Anna Fuller, Joyce and Don Bouws.

Annual Meeting, August 15, 2008
The pictures that follow are those where anoraks are awarded to those with 15 or more walks. Absent were Dona and Ladd and Bill W. who will get anoraks later. Another award will be held at the Christmas dinner in December for those with > 15 walks.

The 19th Anniversary Lunch crowd

The General Meeting is Opened by Gail, President.

Roger (VP) presides over the election of Prez and Treasurer.

Rosemary presents the last meeting minutes.

Rosemary, Mike, and Ron.

Joyce and Don

Gary and Anna

Ginny demonstrates the anorak's compact packaging.

Jim, Rena, and John

Jim presents the Treasurers Report.


Kathy, Christine, and Gail

Bob and Letty

Hunters Creek, June 7

Our greeters Bob and Letty are ready for the crowd

The Luau walkers are ready

Volunteers Gary and Anna in theme clothes brought Leis and Hawaiian music fitting the theme of the Walk

Walk organizer Carl (R) and Fred Sheets

The Kahuna Grill supports the walk

33 walkers ate at Kahuna Grill

Walkers grab for the water and tea (joyce grabing the pitcher)

Winter Park, Albertsons, April 19, 2008

Errant walkers noted as lost in the Albertson's parking lot

James registers with Don (c) and Helga and dogs waiting

Barbara and Jack Barati sign in with Rosemary and Roger abserving

Carlson gets his books stamped as Bev waits to register

Anna, Gary, Joyce, and George talk after the walk.

Langford Park, April 8, 2008

Langford Park Start

The trail out of Langford Park

A gazebo on the route

Restored house in Historic Old Town

Jim, Gail (who laid out this event) Joan, Kathy, and Donna get close to the finish

West Palm Beach Weekend, Feb 29 - March 2

West Palm 29 Feb Night Walk. Sunset over the Intercostal Waterway from West Palm Beach.

West Palm 29 Feb Night Walk on Rosemary Ave. Ron, Rosemary, Joan, Janet, Alan, Martha

Lake Worth 1 March at Bryant Park. Alan, Ron, Ginny, Martha, Rosemary, Joan, Jim.

1 March Palm Beach Flaglar Museum. Jim, Joan, Ron, Rosemary.

1 March Palm Beach Ocean Ave. Joan, Jim, Rosemary, Ron (water 75 deg)

1 March Palm Beach - one of the high hedges. Martha, Jim, Joan, Rosemary, Alan.

1 March Saito's Japanese Restaurant. Martha and Alan check the menu.

1 March Saito's Japanese Restaurant. The "volcano" w/Ron, Rosemary, Janet, and Ginny.

2 March Grassy Waters. Joan, Rosemary, Jim on the boardwalk.

2 March Grassy Waters. Janet, Jim, Ginny, Ron, Rosemary and the grassy water.

2 March Grassy Waters. Walking friends from the north on the Owahee Trail.

2 March Jonathan Dickenson. Ron at the Loxatchee River.

UCF, February 16, 2008

A special thank you from a "new walker"

Celebration, February 2, 2008

Roger Poitras (r) stamps Gary Fuller's books with Joan Lanpher looking on

The AVA jacket wants to know where it is? Martha and Sally registered by the Plummers

Fullers, Boews, and friends talk about the walks.

Old Town at 1100 on a Saturday

Peter and wading friend

Some of the 28 walkers who ate at Columbia Restaurant

Some more of the 28 walkers who ate at Columbia Restaurant

Warren Park, January 26, 2008

Set up in the center of Warren Park

Registration sign up at Warren Park

Martha and Sally join the walk in their colorful AVA windbreakers

More registration at Warren Park

Lake Buena Vista, January 1, 2008

The Start and Finish

Ginny making a "sale" to Gail and Kathy

Registration at the Crab House entranceway

Visitors from the west at lunch

Peseks and Dolnys at lunch

Lunch for the 53 hungries

Lunch for the 53 hungries (cont)

Lunch table #1

Windemere, December 15, 2007

Holiday Dinner, Roadhouse Grill, December 8, 2007

President Jan Varnon and incoming President Gail Brooks

Ron, Dave, and Bob discuss ....?

Table of Mid-Florida Milers

Another table of Mid-Florida Milers

Gail awards outgoing President Jan Varnon and outgoing Treaurer Bob Varnon with Mid-Florida Milers anoraks

Club secretary Rosemary gives Bill Woolgar the raffle award of a 2008 Starting Point

Don Bouws receives one of the many gifts provided at the dinner

Pre dinner social discussions

Club members at the dinner

Walk Across Florida, Oct 5 -7, 2007 - Ocala

Hotel Registration

Walk #1 Wading Walkers

Walk #1

The Cemetary Ghost

Walk #1 Fullers and Bouws

Walk #1 Park Horse

Walk #2 Baseline Registration

Walk #3 CP Clare

Walk #3 Sandhill Trail

Walk #3 Sinkhole Trail

Felix's Dinner 2

Felix's Dinner 6

Felix's Dinner 8

Chocolate Death 1

Chocolate Death 4

Clare at Chocolate Death

Walk #4 Prevention

Walk #4 Rita, Lois & Marvin w/Barnas

Walk #4 Lawrences

Walk #4 on Landbridge

Walk #4 13K return

Walk #4 Maxine & Bev

Walk #4 Nasty Spider

25 August - Lotus Park, Altamonte Springs


11 August 2007 - Annivarsary Lunch, Straub's Altamonte

11 August 2007 - Altamonte Springs 5 and 10K walks

Altamonte walkers

Friends at Altamonte

Uptown Altamonte

Altamonte Stage

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