Mid-Florida Milers Pictures Archive

7 July 2007 (7-7-7) / Barber Park, Orlando

Leaving Barber Park are Jim, Ron, Rosemary, and Tammy w/12 year old friend

Barber Park Registration

Erica, daughter and Erica's sister @Barber Park

23 June 2007 Oakland, West Orange Trail Killarney Trailhead

Gail, Kathy, and Ron (r to l) ready for the WOT Walkers

Oakland Registration

Bob Zook and Anna Fuller chat before the Oakland walk

Oakland Preserve yellow trail

Lake Apopka from Oakland Preserve

Kissimmee 5 and 10 km Walks, 9 June 2007

10th Walk Couple

New Walkers

Kissimmee Walkers

Jacob Sewell Selecting Specialty Award. won at Lake Proctor

The States Monument dedicated in 1943

Bok Tower, March 10, 2007

Bok Sanctuary Long Needle Pine Blossoms

Bok Tower on 10 March 2007

Frank and others at Bok Sanctuary

Workers Walk on 24 Feb at Bok Sanctuary

Bok Sanctuary Youngest Walkers, ages 3 and 5

Sample Flower Display, Bok Gardens

Lake Buena Vista, March 3, 2007

Registering Jan and Joyce Voetelink

Walkers Barnas and friend return to Finish on Hotel Blvd

Unnamed walker off the route

Cormorants in LBV

Chuluota Wilderness, February 17, 2007

Judy and friends from Melbourne area reach the 3 km point

Roger Poitras and team walking at Chuluota

The Greathouses (Laura, Phil, Marsha) prepare to begin the walk

Souper Chef Rosemary helps clean up the Start at the 1st Baptist Church of Chuluota.

Executive Chef Rena at the end of the "Soup Fest" in the "Super Souper Chef" apron all chefs wore

Phil, John, Marsha and Mike helping to organize the start

Chef Rena making sure the soup is hot

Kevin, Roger, Gene, and new walker Tom were among the first to register at Chuluota

Bob V. and Letty greet the Barnas.

Out-of-state visitors came to walk with us.

The Peseks & Dolnys ready to start their trek. Georgie was one of the Souper Soup chefs.

Bob Z. removing markers after all have finished.

The Chuluota Wilderness cool weather jeans give way to shorts about 1030.

Maitland Year 'Round, February 3, 2007

From the left: Rosemary, Jackie, Bob, John, and Rena at registration

Gail and Kathy (from the left) walking at Lake Lily, Maitland

Lake Kissimmee, January 6, 2007

Awaiting the 21 Walkers

The trail on Buster Loop

Yellow Mushroom on Buster Loop

Jan, Bob, and Joan on Buster Trail

Mid Florida Miler walkers Alice Milmoe, David Bundy and Rena McMahon enjoy a pause while walking their first walk of the new "Walking State Parks in the USA" program, the 11km Buster Island walk at Lake Kissimmee State Park in Lake Wales, FL on January 6, 2007.

New Years Day Walk, Altamonte Springs, Jan 1, 2007

Letty and New Walkers

Happy Birthday.

First Watch waiting crowd

Aycocks in Altamonte.

Windermere Night Walk, Dec 16, 2006

Registration Photo Op before the 225 walkers arrive

Fred, Nelson and Sarah await walkers

Windermere Registration at 5:00 PM

Founding President Gloria & Mark Merwarth visited from Amelia Island

IVV Credit applied by Ginny and Marlene

Donna Steele, Artist Mariola Nowicki, Mike and painting done for the Tee Shirt

Jan and Letty Relaxing

Info Desk Volunteer Jim Plummer

Ladd Duncan, Phil Greathouse, and John McMahon man the busy Main and Seventh intersection Checkpoint

Bob Zook, Jim McMullen and Bob Varnon set up the Checkpoint

Palm Beach Weekend, Nov 17 - 19, 2006
The Mid Florida Milers travelled to West Palm Beach and walked 4 YREs and one sanctioned walk. 50 kms and 4 good meals. The Milers had some 16 members there and we were joined by couples from Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Ohio during the weekend.

PB Jan, Sally, Jack, Kathy, Kathy, & Gail

PB Toojays 2

PB Toojays 1

LW Donna, Ladd, Kathy

LW walkers

LW Sally & Martha

Jack and Kathy

LW Corner huddle

LW Tammy and Roger

LW Lunch fun

LW Lunch place

WPB Statue

WPB Flora 3

WPB Norton tree

WPB Kravitz

WPB Walk Break

WPB Clematis 2

WPB Clematis Banyan

WPB Yacht Club

WPB Bradleys Sally, Jackie, Ladd

WPB Bradleys Dave, Gail, Jackie

WPB Bradleys Kevin and Tammy (sigh)

Jupiter Crab House Lunch

Jupiter Lighthouse

Jupiter surfers

JD Trail

JD Martha & Joan

JD Sally & Kathy

Wekiwa Springs SP on 4 November 2006. xx walkers enjoyed a picture perfect morning walk.

Wekiwa Springs SP, Letty Zook showing the way to the path

The Muhs at Wekiwa Springs SP

Grasshopper on the trail

Stick insects near the trail

Beetle pushing Racoon Scat on the trail

Montverde, Oct 21

Letty and Bob greet Barbara for her 2d walk.

Jim on the trail

Kevin and daughter walking

Jim and Helga in Montverde

Tammy and Pat

A walking family checks a house sale.


3 tear old Jacob competes his first volkssport event

Joyce & Jan Voetelink with daughter and son in-law

Stamping the books of our youngest Volksmarchers

Milers enjoying a delicious lunch

Montverde scenery

Chefs Rena McMahon & Rosemary Barna

Celebration at PJs Coffee 16 September

Registration of Walkers

Mary Kelsh at the start 16 Sep

Oviedo 9 September

Jan and Bob Register JoAnne and Ron

Oviedo Walkers queue up to register

Walk Across Florida 17, Inverness, Ft. Cooper, and Floral City - Sept 2, 3, 4, 2006
Diners at the Happy Daiz 1 Sep

Salad line at the Happy Daiz 1 Sep

Mary Anne Lazzell greets walkers at start on 2 Sep

Rena McMahon dishing out Scottish brunch on 2 Sep

Eating a Scottish Brunch - 2 Sep

Dinner location - 2 Sep

Guessing who you are from Scotland

Sing along lead Barbara (standing) 2 Sep

Diners 2 Sep

Speaking with hands after dinner.

Ft Cooper Start 3 Sep

Ron and Rosemary Barna at Ft Cooper 3 Sep

Swimmers Bob and Wayne at Ft. Cooper 3 Sep

Walking Ft. Cooper 3 Sep

Al and Glenda at Ft Cooper 3 Sep

John and Rena at the Fish Fry 3 Sep

Jan and Bob (right) and others board the river cruiser 3 Sep

Waiting for fish food - 3 Sep

Floral City 4 Sep

Floral City Walk 4 Sep

Tree on the walk 4 Sep

Floral City Main Street 4 Sep

The Rails to Trails Heritage Floral City - 4 Sep

Tuskawilla, July 8

Jim and Larry register to walk Tuskawilla.

Pets meet and greet

Obedient pet (front) and Fuller's arrive (rear)

Registration continues

Celebration, July 1, 2006

The Celebration start

Walking Celebration

Longwood, June 24, 2006

Letty leading walkers to start table.

Longwood walkers on Waverly

Longwood walkers on Waverly

Longwood walk trail on Roxboro

Rossi's Restaurant, Orlando, June 17, 2006

The Rossis and other MFMers Bob, Letty, and Donna at the start point.

East Lake Toho, St. Cloud, June 3, 2006

Start point at Lakefront Park, East Lake Toho, St. Cloud

Greeting walkers at Lakefront Park, St. Cloud

Milers and St. Cloud mural along the trail

Winter Garden YRE, May 6, 2006

Winter Garden start

Walkers sign up

Cooling feet at 6Km

Walking in the shade

Greenwood Park, Lake Mary, April 16, 2006

Letty, Bob, Sarah, and Phil meet on the trail in Lake Mary

Jackie who hosts our MFM Web page prepares for 10K walk

Bob, Al, and Jan at the start

Dave, Rena, and Jackie approach the Checkpoint

Approaching the Checkpoint

A large group approach the Checkpoint

The Voetelinks approach the Checkpoint

Maitland, April 2, 2006

Start table is ready for walkers to enjoy the walk and the Maitland Art Festival

Lake Catherine on the Maitland walk

Brooksville, March 4, 2006

The Varnons walking

The Lanphers celebrate 40 years of walking together

And from the back!

John, Rena and Dave

Gail and birthday-girl Kathy

Diane and friends

Bab Lazzell and Wayne Woodin at start pavilion for the 4 March Brooksville walk

Wayne, Ladd, and Jan work the Start table

Kimberly, Mike and Terry of the Natures Coast club meet Joan on the Brooksville trail

Mike and Joan walking 40 km (combined) on their 40th Anniversary

Blanchard Park, Feb 18, 2006

Bill Woolgar, first walker of the day

The Peseks & and Dolnys

Judy’s gang & Bob along the trail

Kathy working the finish table

More walk workers and walkers!

New walker, Darlene, with pooch in pack and granddaughter Stephanie

Orlando Lakes, Feb 5, 2006

Lake Lancaster Oak looking Northeast from Lancaster.

Greenwood Urban Wetlands Heron on a construction waste boom

Greenwood Urban Wetlands and 6 walkers on a cool day

Get Your Kicks in Savannah, '06 - Savannah, GA, January 20 - 22, 2006

A group of Mid-Florida Milers departing River Street via the steps.

More Milers outside the Six Pence Pub in Savannah

These Mid-Florida Milers are starting the walk at Tybee Island.

Blue Spring State Park, January 21, 2006

Some of the MFM gang on the trail!

A manatee enjoying the warmer waters of the Blue Spring Run.

New Years Day, International Drive, Orlando, January 1, 2006

1 January 2006 Start Point

Wayne (r) and Bob arrive from Brooksville ready to walk

DJ Moor (l) from Pensacola and Ladd and Donna Duncan at the registration

Registration with Jim (l) Ken, Ann, and Hank

A Happy Wanderers New Year

Dining at Guadalajara

Dining at Guadalajara and making a point

Lake Eola, night walk, December 17, 2005

Registration by the Varnons of 3 of the 41 walkers

Our start point on 17 December next to Lake Eola, Orlando

Tammy (in light blue) walks after we sang Happy Birthday (#xx)

Martha and Sally from Winter Haven register

2005 Christmas Pot Luck, December 10, 2005

Group of Milers celebrating on December 10, 2005

The serving table of pot luck dishes from the group.

Group chatting before enjoying the meal.